Useful Natural Weight Loss Slimming Herbs

14 February 2010, 02:01 | Posted under by Tatiana

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Being overweight is a chronic problem these days. We most of the time think that those extra pounds on us are an appearance issue. But actually being overweight is more of a medical issue because it may affect your health adversely. Being overweight not only makes you diabetic or a cardiac patient as you commonly know but also may have serious impact on your mood, sleep, joint, breathing, and energy levels. So the quality of your whole life is affected if you are an overweight person. People are now recognizing being overweight or obese as a health concern. Thanks to the various health magazines and fitness programs! So a number of weight loss techniques have come up these days. Many people are trying herbal weight loss remedies at present. If you are looking for natural weight loss slimming herbs, then this article will prove useful for you.
The Slimming Herbs:
Mother Nature has in her storehouse numerous miracle herbs that can shape you down amazingly. These herbs will burn the fat stored in your body and will give you the figure of your dreams in no time. Figura and Slim-N-Trim capsules are two popular natural weight loss slimming pills. Let’s have a look at the herbs:
1. Garcinia is a fruit high in an acid called hydroxy citric acid that decreases the body’s rate of converting carbohydrates in to fat. Therefore you store less fat. Also the fruit accelerates the body’s basal metabolic rate and prevents the loss of lean muscle mass.
2. Areaca Catechu is a herb that allows speedy fat metabolism, reduces conversion of carbohydrates in to fat and checks false appetite. It is an effective slimming herb.
3. Aloe Vera herb is one of the natural weight loss slimming herbs.
4. Indian gooseberry is also an effective slimming herb.
5. Gugglu expedites fat metabolism and helps you get rid of those extra pounds.
6. Dandelion a diuretic herb is a good weight loss solution.
7. Green tea is a rich source of antioxidants. Drink green tea twice or thrice during and watch yourself slimming down.
8. Psyllium acts as an appetite suppressant. You will eat fewer calories and thereby store less fat.
9. Siberian ginseng is another of the natural fat loss slimming herbs that works amazingly.
10. Bitter orange is an effective slimming herb that makes you lose weight by speeding the fat burning rate within your body.
11. Certain spicy herbs like cayenne, mustard and black pepper can help you a lot in your weight loss venture.
So these are some important natural weight loss slimming herbs.