Liposuction Combined With Fat Transfer for Enhanced Results

27 December 2009, 02:01 | Posted under by Tatiana

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Many women have a two-pronged problem when it comes to achieving a shapely physique. On the one hand, they have excess fat in areas like the abdomen, hips or thighs, and on the other, volume deficiency in the areas such as the breasts or buttocks. It could even happen that aging or weight loss has caused the face to lose its natural fullness. Plastic surgeons have come up with a two-in-one solution – liposuction combined with fat transfer procedure, which can definitely provide enhanced results for both men and women who want to really shape up.
Effective Combination of Plastic Surgery Procedures
How the effective blending of two cosmetic surgery procedures – liposuction surgery and fat transfer – can provide enhanced results is quite easy to understand. Put simply, the excess fat siphoned off during a liposuction procedure is processed and injected into the body areas which need improvement in volume. When performed by a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon, the outcome can be really amazing.
The surgeon first performs laser liposuction utilizing advanced FDA-approved technology such as SmartLipo TriplexTM. Safe and effective, this enabled workstation features triple laser beams that ensure quick fat removal and tissue coagulation for skin tightening.
The adipose tissue or fat that is removed is then processed and purified for use in fat transfer. Fat harvesting and grafting works well for buttock augmentation or a Brazilian butt lift and breast enhancement. In fact, autologous breast augmentation with fat transfer is now a very popular option compared to implants. Injecting fat into the face adds fullness to the cheeks and lips.
Benefits of Liposuction Combined with Fat Transfer
One of the greatest advantages of using your own adipose tissue is that your body would not reject it. Other benefits of having lipolysis with fat transfer are:

  • Removing unwanted fat helps body contouring
  • The fat extracted is not wasted, but injected into another area to enhance it
  • Adipose-derived stem and regenerative cells (ADRC) extracted during liposuction procedures can be cryogenically frozen for the patient’s own use later, for correcting asymmetry after liposuction, or in reconstructive surgery and wound care.
  • The procedure is safer and offers more natural-looking results than implants or dermal fillers.
  • Results are long-lasting results as the fat graft imbibes the feel of the tissue in the area where it is implanted.
  • Minimal downtime and quick recovery are assured with the latest technology.
*Ensuring the Best Results *
Ensuring enhanced results for a liposuction combined with fat transfer procedure depends on your choice of plastic surgeon. Only a physician with the necessary skill and experience can provide the best outcome for both procedures. Make sure the surgical center has AAAASF-accreditation as this is a guarantee of adherence to quality standards for surgery and patient care.