How to Lose Weight With Natural Herbs

13 December 2009, 02:01 | Posted under by Tatiana

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Over the years, there is a rapid increase in the awareness of natural herbs. Health-conscious people prefer to consume natural herbs over other health supplements to lead a healthy and herbal life. Similarly, herbal remedies are proved to be the best to fight obesity. Following are some of the most common natural herbs that can help you lose weight:
Banana Leaf
Due to its weight loss benefits, Southeast Asians have been using banana leaf for ages. This natural herb regulates blood sugar as well as insulin levels. As a result, you can suppress your appetite easily. Banana leaves also contain corosolic acid that helps you maintain your blood sugar. Moreover, your body tends to absorb an increased level of glucose. It lowers the level of insulin.
Banana leaf is available in Asia only. However, you can still add this herb into your healthy diet. You can consume banana leaves in the form of supplements. Although the recommended dose of these supplements is eight capsules a day, you should ask your doctor before consuming these supplements.
Green Tea
Obese people have higher risks of getting cardiovascular diseases. That is why health professionals recommend them to drink green tea. Green tea works wonders for heart patients. It enables their body to burn fat. In addition, it contains healthy ingredients such as antioxidants that can improve your heart health.
You can drink green tea to boost your energy level. Once you feel energetic, you can exercise well with a greater passion to lose weight.
Hoodia is a popular natural herb that is available everywhere. It is grown in the South African deserts. Hoodia contains an ingredient that gives you the feeling of fullness and suppresses your appetite this way. Its properties are quite similar to that of glucose. Therefore, health professionals suggest that diabetic patients should ask their doctor before consuming hoodia to lose weight.
Research reveals that chickweed can help you burn fat from your body. Chickweed trees have many ingredients that enable you to achieve your weight loss goal. Chickweed helps you curb cravings and aid digestion.
Although living an herbal life is one of the best ways to lose weight, you should always ask a health professional’s advice before going any further. The main reason behind it is that natural herbs or supplements can cause allergies.
If you consume herbs together, they can react in a different way because of their different properties. If the combination of herbs does not suit your body, it can harm your health. In addition, you should avoid over-consumption of these herbs.