Easy Weight Loss Plan: A Simple Secret To Ensure Weight Loss Success

22 November 2009, 02:01 | Posted under by Tatiana

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I know what you are thinking “Easy Weight Loss Plan”, Ya, Right! As a doctor I am always been given information by patients on this and that diet or strategy and it can be unbelievably confusing.
Even as a doctor, I am confused. I have taken all sorts of course on nutrition and health and to be quite honest it is all a little over the top for me.
I hear all sorts of great evidence to support eating carbs, not eating carbs, eating lots of protein and not eating any protein especially from animal products.
While creating more information for my blog, I can across a program that at first looked like another diet but when I actually read through the material, it absolutely blew me away.
The concept that you have to completely resrict what you eat and how much you exercise is completely false, and I sort of already had that feeling.
Heres the thing, eating more or eating less is not the key it is timing your eating so that you maximize your metabolic burn.
This explains a lot for me as a doctor because there are many times I have patients who say they have lots weight yet spent the last two days at a buffet table.
If you want to lose weight you need to cycle through consuming more food with less food. Our bodies work and function like waves they are sometimes up and sometimes down.
If you can figure out when to ride the wave and when not too, you have figured out the harmonic balance of the body.
A simple test is to spend a couple weeks exercising on a regular basis everyday doning your favorite activity, but go through periods of eating more calories followed by periods of eating less calories.
Monitor you weight everyday and make note of when your weight starts to drop is it on days after you eat more calories or on days when you eat less calories.
Then it is a matter of mastering the weight loss with your cycle. You can find a more detailed explanation at easy weight loss plan
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