Kosher Diet Foods: Losing Weight the Easier Way

11 October 2009, 01:01 | Posted under by Tatiana

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Weight loss plans with prepared diet foods have become a staple in the diet industry. The ability to purchase prepared diet foods that are part of complete menus takes a lot of the planning and work out of weight loss for many adults. They can, however, present a particular challenge to anyone who keeps kosher. It’s not that there are no kosher diet foods on the market. It’s that so few of them advertise themselves as such. That can make it difficult for dieters who would love to opt for the convenience of prepared diet foods with the assurance that those foods are kosher. Since few diet food manufacturers ensure that their entire lines are kosher certified, those looking for a kosher weight loss plan typically need to pore over the labels of every food in the line to find the ones that are acceptable for them to eat.
The solution is an outlet that offers nothing but kosher diet foods, making it easy to pick the foods you like from a wide selection. Here’s a small sampling of what you might find on a kosher diet food website, for example.
Doctors Best Weight Loss
One of the country’s most popular suppliers of packaged diet foods, the Doctors Best Weight Loss product line includes many kosher selections. You can easily put together an entire kosher diet plan from the Doctors Best Weight Loss line, including protein drinks, weight loss shakes, snack bars and delicious low-calorie, high protein desserts like cheesecake, chocolate fudge brownies and banana cream pudding. From breakfast cereals to vegetarian dinner entrees, Doctors Best Weight Loss offers a whole line of kosher diet foods to help you with your weight loss plan.
Kay’s Naturals
Kay’s Naturals was founded in 1997 by a doctor who had watched his diabetic wife struggle with finding snacks and breakfast cereals that were diabetic-friendly. The company he founded is committed to providing foods that are low in carbohydrates and high in protein, a combination that’s vital for maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. In the process of developing his line of foods, he found that many others were looking for foods of the same high nutritional quality without the added fillers and sugars that make so many commercial snack foods poisonous to those who require a better diet. Among its lines, Kay’s Naturals provides a whole line of diet foods for those who have undergone bariatric weight loss surgery. If you need a kosher weight loss plan, you’ll find that many of Kay’s Naturals products are certified kosher, including Chili Cheese and Parmesan Cheese Protein Chips and Apple Cinnamon or French Vanilla Protein Cereal.
Dietary Supplements
Vitamins and dietary supplements can be an essential part of any weight loss plan. They help provide nutrients that may be missing in a very low calorie diet or, for that matter, in any modern diet. Nutri-Supreme Research offers a line of kosher dietary supplements that include vegetarian linoleic acid, L-carnitine and CoQ10. Kosher vitamins and kosher dietary supplements are an important adjunct to a kosher weight loss plan.
If you’re looking for kosher diet foods and are tired of hunting for kosher certification in a sea of diet foods, check out one of the websites that does the research for you and offers only kosher weight loss plans and kosher diet foods to its customers.