A Review on Some of the Best Diet Programs

19 July 2009, 20:50 | Posted under by Tatiana

Losing weight is probably one of the hardest things to do. There are loads of diet programs available that promise to deliver results. Some require eating only specific kinds of food while others suggest that one stop eating after a certain point in the day. Below is a review of some effective diet programs that if followed consistently, should be able to help to shed off those extra pounds.
The 3-Hour Diet
Nutritionist Jorge Cruise wrote a book that explains the mechanics, effects, and the rationale behind the 3-hour diet. In a nutshell, this diet requires one to eat meals in three-hour intervals. He also suggests that one eat 3 meals, 2 snacks, and a treat every day.
Eating breakfast is a must and it should be done within 60 minutes of waking up in the morning. Eating should stop at least 3 hours before going to bed at night. A good thing about this particular diet is that one can eat whatever he likes, without any restrictions. Cruise actually suggests that for the snack, one could have a candy or a similar sweet.
Moderation is key. The philosophy of this diet is that watching how much one eats is more important than monitoring what is actually being eaten. The downside here is the fact that it requires eating every three hours, something that may be too demanding a task for a busy person.
The Cookie Diet
The first thing to know about this diet is the fact that once on it, one is not actually going to eat real cookies. In fact, cookies here are a mixture of amino acids and fibre. The other ingredients of the cookie-like food product remain confidential as companies wouldn’t want to reveal their secret recipe.
One is required to eat around five cookies a day as a substitute for lunch and breakfast. People on this diet still eat a reasonable dinner. It is easy to lose weight on this diet because it is low calorie. The main criticism about this diet is that the cookies do not have that much flavour. Moreover, not everyone would want to eat cookies for the rest of their lives so the longevity of this diet is also questionable.
The South Beach Diet
The South Beach Diet is probably one of the most popular diet programs today. All types of celebrities have shared their testimonies that claim how effective this diet is. Like most diet programs, the South Beach Diet also has 3 phases. The first phase is the fastest as it only lasts for two weeks and it is also the most restrictive. In this phase one is required to eat lean meats, some types of vegetables, nuts, and eggs. The second phase is set to bring one down to his or her ideal weight. This phase suggests eating certain fruits, a variety of rice, as well as some types of chocolates in moderation. The third phase is the least restrictive and by this time, the person on the diet is already used to eating right and may find eating as natural. Foods suggested here are those with good fats and good carbs. Although this is a good and effective diet, the time needed to prepare one’s food may be a turnoff for some.
Author:Jamie Hanson
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