All about differrent therapies to reduce weight

20 June 2009, 19:52 | Posted under by Tatiana

Now a days among different treatments available for weight loss, there are several therapies for curbing overweight and obesity i.e.
DIETARY THERAPY- It involves reduction of calories intake, learning strategies like how to read nutritional labels, which type of food to buy and how to prepare them etc.
PHYSICAL ACTIVITY- Exercising daily for alomost 30 minutes for adults and 60 minutes for children is necessary.
BEHAVIORAL THERAPY- It includes maintaining strategies for weight loss like:-
• Make record of your diet and exercise pattern in a diary
• Avoid taking high calorie foods
• Exercise regularly
• Stay away from myths and false beliefs about weight loss
• Develop a social support network that can motivate you in a positive manner towards losing weight.
DRUG THERAPY- IT should be used in combination with a healthy, balanced diet and physical activity
SURGERY- It is a fast method of controlling weight and is reccommended for persons with severe obesity however it is painful, expensive and has a number of adverse secondary complications
HERBAL THERAPY- NATURE is full of a number of useful herbs that can be used to get perfect shape and curves of the body. The main benfit of consuming these herbs is that they are 100% safe and has no side-effects. Scientists make use of these herbs and formulated effective herbal supplements to get rid of obesity.
Few Additional Weight Loss tips:
• Avoid skipping meals
• Increase fruits and vegetables in your diet
• Avoid oily and unhealthy food
• Drink 7-8 glasses of water daily
• Make erecrice a daily routine