The Six Meals Weight Loss Diet

4 December 2011, 01:00 | Posted under by Tatiana

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The best weight loss plans are in fact to go your way eating more within the day. The truth is that eating as frequent throughout the day is keeping your metabolism high. People wrongfully conceive that when they skip meals, it can make them lose extra pounds, but they never realized that starvation diet is the least suggested weight loss program. So, what could be the link between eating more and metabolism with weight loss? The real trick is what they call as “Six meals diet”
A six small meals plan is an excellent program to meet your ideal weight, build a leaner body, keep your metabolism works out fast and maintain a healthy lifestyle. How would this weight loss plan do its way?
Before you proceed applying the six-meal diet, it is indispensable to prepare yourself with the changes. Set your mind that you will change some of your routines specifically your eating habits. Hence, you have to bear in mind that this kind of weight loss diet requires discipline, planning, and persistence.
First, it is necessary to monitor your calorie intake, that way you would be able to determine your average daily calories. An individual’s essential calorie needs is dependent not solely on the age, but also on the gender, height, weight, and physical activities. If for instance, an average woman has 2000-calorie intake per day or 2500 for a man, he/she can reduce 50 calories each day, but it should not be less than 1200 calories and 1800 calories for a woman and man respectively.
The six meals diet is patterned this way: Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, and snack. While you may be accustomed to the conventional three huge meals a day thinking that it can give you full energy the whole day and able to burn out the unnecessary fats, yet on the other hand considers eating beyond three meals would not be the efficient way to lose, then that would be a misconception. Eating proportioned amount of calories 6 times a day with 2-3 hours gap can certainly aids you feel not hungry and generally healthier. With six mini meals, you are able to reduce your blood cholesterol levels (LDL) as well as saving you with the risk of heart ailments. Indeed, when you feel fuller every time, that tends you to have no appetite, hence would lead you to lose weight rather than gain it.
Perhaps, you may doubt how this diet plan can make you lose weight. Well, in three square meals a day, the hours gap is quite long enough that causes the levels of blood sugar to plunge low. If such happens, then that makes the cravings go high and keep your mood to eat unhealthy foods. Compared when you brace up with six small meals all throughout the day considering the well-balanced and essential nutrients needed by the body, then you will be out of trouble with your irregular blood sugar levels. All you need to do is choose the foods that can stabilize your blood sugar levels. Combining a rich protein diet, fiber rich, and healthy carbohydrates or a little good fats would keep up your energy the entire day. Moreover, making some mix-and-match into variety of food group can keep you from the monotony.
There are other effective weight loss meal plans, which you can consider. However, with six small meals diet, the target is very basic and simple. Stick with your goal, but do not overdo because it can also be unhealthy for you.