How To Prevent Childhood Obesity

11 September 2011, 01:01 | Posted under by Tatiana

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Childhood obesity affects children in the same ways that obesity affects adults. Children who are overweight are more likely to develop diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, depression, lowered self esteem, and breathing disorders such as asthma and sleep apnea.
Childhood obesity has become an epidemic in the United States. Today over nine million children over the age of six are considered obese. Childhood obesity is caused by many different factors including environmental, social and genetic. This article will discuss each of these causes and what you can do as a parent to prevent obesity in your children.
Childhood Obesity Can be Prevented – This is probably the best way to combat obesity in children. Unfortunately, not every parent has this luxury. If you’re a parent whose child doesn’t yet have a problem with their weight, begin to take a proactive approach to their diet and exercise.
Lack of regular exercise is a factor that has contributed to this being one of the causes of childhood obesity. Children who spend a lot of time watching TV programs will have a greater risk of child obesity than those who go outside playing or sporting. This is typically true when the children are eating fast food while watching television or playing video games.
Childhood obesity is a major problem that most of the developed countries are facing today. It has alarmed the whole world and frightfully, if not cured during childhood, will result in your child being overweight throughout his or her adult years. This may also result in a number of serious diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure.
Lack of physical activity, poor eating habits, when children are exposed to others who promote sedentary behaviors, and socioeconomic stresses. There is one factor that cannot be helped and that is genetics. When a child has genetics from an obese background their chances of becoming obese greatly increase.
Childhood obesity can increase the chances that a child will develop issues with asthma, and obesity can further complicate existing asthmatic issues. Experts are now finding that there may be a link between the onset of asthma and obesity. Further, since extra weight strains the body physically, it can also strain the already weakened respiratory system of the child suffering from asthma and asthmatic attacks.
We need to start early as possible by introducing our children to a healthy diet as soon as they start eating solid foods. Toddlers should be allowed to sample a wide variety of different flavors and tastes. Starting early with a varied healthy diet is a good basis on which to build good eating habits.
Genetics: It has to be conceded that no matter what action parents, society, or the children themselves take, the genetic hand that the child was dealt will have a great impact on the outcome of any choices whether good or bad. However, the good news is that many negative genetic factors can be overcome to at least some extent by wise choices, which we will discuss in a few minutes.
Encourage the child to participate in sports and other physical activities. Physical activity is very essential for slimming. This will restrict fat formation in the body. It is essential that physical activity should be done daily and regularly.