How To Use Hcg For Weight Loss

4 September 2011, 01:01 | Posted under by Tatiana

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Before considering hCG for weight loss, you should have a medical exam and discuss the treatment with a doctor. It is important to find a doctor-supported hCG weight loss program to ensure the best outcome. The doctor at the hCG treatment facility will want to do a blood workup to make sure your liver and kidneys are functioning properly as well as to get baseline measurements of your cholesterol level.
There are different protocols of treatment available, but in all protocols, there is much more to achieving success than just receiving the hCG injection. If you are overweight and serious about weight loss and regaining control of your health, your diet is just as important to your success and it is important that you listen to the guidance of your weight loss counselor.
The hCG hormone works by preventing the body from going into “starvation mode” when you reduce your calorie intake. This means that when you receive the hCG injection, you will have to follow a carefully prescribed diet that allows you to decrease how many calories you are consuming while increasing your activity level. Because hCG tells your body to tap into fat stores, you will not feel hungry or tired during the treatment. In fact, you may feel more energetic as the fat stores are released. This is a treatment where the more overweight you are, the more dramatic your initial weight loss results can be.
During the course of the treatment, you will receive daily hCG injections. Follow the diet recommendations of your doctor closely. You should drink plenty of decaffeinated liquids and be sure to get plenty of fiber in your diet. Daily exercise, such as walking or stretching, is encouraged. If you are seriously overweight or have not been active in a long time, starting slowly with exercise is extremely important to avoid injuries that could make it more difficult to develop active lifestyle habits. However, exercise is not that necessary until maintenance.
Each day during the protocol, you should expect up to lose one-half to one pounds. Because hCG specifically targets fat storage, the weight you lose won’t be water weight or lean muscle but true fat loss. Because fat storage triggers the release of certain hormones that increase blood pressure and blood sugar, as you melt away the fat stores, you should begin to notice a difference in your health and well being, not just your clothing size.
You will be encouraged to weigh yourself each day and monitor your progress. It is also important to have a bowel movement at least every other day to avoid prolonging your progress. If you are having difficulty with bowel movements, you can increase the amount of fiber you are eating to help with your weight loss program. Adding a few apples to your diet each day can help.
You should be advised to avoid wearing lotions during the protocol as most lotions contain fats than can be absorbed through the skin and interrupt the treatment. At the end of the protocol, your body’s set point should be reset, making it easier for you to maintain the weight loss. If you have not lost enough weight with a single protocol, you can repeat the process.