Diet, Metabolism And Weight Loss - How Much To Eat?

10 July 2009, 15:29 | Posted under by Tatiana

So you’ve decided to do something about your extra weight and “go on a diet”.
You eat only from a restricted, bland-tasted assortment of “allowed” food, and in amounts insufficient to feed a rabbit. A very small rabbit. Your appetite, on the other hand, looks more like that of a famished elephant. You suffer.
To your surprise, your weight keeps creeping up and up…
You start to question yourself – are you really eating too much? Maybe you stuff your face while sleepwalking, or you’re a split personality? Hmmmm… maybe:), but let’s not go there:) Let me suggest something most unbelievable of it all: are you just eating – too little?
If you want to stay fat, just keep on starving yourself. Your metabolism will slow down enough so that all you eat will go directly into that soft, pudgy stomach of yours! What a terrible fate!
Okay, so you’ve heard of metabolism and you’ve seen for yourself that fad diets just don’t work. But, what is exactly metabolism and what it has to do with weight loss?
Simply put, metabolism is how your body uses energy. There’s something called basal metabolic rate that uses vast amount of calories for vital body functions like heart rate, breathing etc. Physical activities come next, and finally – it’s digesting and processing of the food you eat.
How many calories you’ll really burn in that process depends on, yes – how much you eat, but also what you eat and how often.
If you eat too little calories, your metabolism will inevitably slow down in an understandable attempt to conserve energy.
You will start to crave foods with the highest possible caloric density, like junk food and sweets. Donuts never look more tempting than when you’re on diet! You know what I’m talking about, no?:)
Where’s a way out of this yo-yo weight loss, constant dieting, and – consistent diet failure?
Let’s begin with the end in mind, and that’s: keeping metabolism active!
And – it’s simple as long as you take baby steps and use common sense… Start your day with a healthy breakfast. Throughout the day, remember to eat every four hours. Try to include protein in every meal. Just keep your metabolism working – and that’s working to your advantage!
Boost your metabolism and you will, truly and permanently, lose weight!