Weight loss by means of the Atkins Diet

12 June 2011, 01:01 | Posted under by Tatiana

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The Atkins diet has been introduced on the international market by the nutritionist doctor Robert C. Atkins after years of clinical studies concerning the impact of these products on the body health and weight. The diet developed in the 1960’s when the doctor adapted it from another weight loss diet to fit his own personal needs. After seeing the huge benefic effects it had on thousands of patients, he decided to publish it in several specialty books.
The Atkins weight loss diet is based on the daily use of low carbohydrate-foods and on the use of diet bars and shakes fabricated to base on some healthy basic ideas about weight loss. The Atkins diet uses food products offering vital nutrients to the body while containing low amounts of carbohydrates, low content of sugar. They try to combine great taste with healthy content and also offer a sufficient daily amount of alimentary fibers and proteins.
The Atkins diet is recommended to more categories of people like the ones requiring a weight loss diet and the ones only looking for a method of staying healthy and physically as well as mentally fit. The diet consists in five basic elements: vitamins and minerals, fibers, proteins, low sugar and low fats, meant to keep you active, healthy and performing.
The Atkins weight loss diet is meant to counteract the food products on the market containing huge amounts of saturated carbohydrates contained in sugar, syrups, and great amounts of saturated fats included in foods like hydrogenated oils. Dr. Atkins considers refined nutrients in food to be responsible for the apparition of an international medical condition of the century characterized by obesity hypertension and diabetes, all triggered by the unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits.
The Atkins weight loss diet is structured into four phases. The first one requires a very strict control of the ingested food; it is mainly based on a low caloric, low sugared, low fatted diet. The second step allows a daily increase of the very low level of carbohydrates used in Phase 1. The third step in loosing weight is the pre-maintenance phase when the patient must get used to a regular amount of carbohydrates in his system. The last Phase is the one preparing the patient for life-time maintenance of the progress gained during the Atkins diet.
In spite of the many persons showing real benefits from following the Atkins diet, it is still a very controversy eating style. Researchers consider it risky to use great amounts of proteins in your diet especially for those with chronic kidney problems. Also, it is considered that the Atkins weight loss diet is more expensive than many other accepted diets. Other studies on the contrary come in favor of the Atkins diet sustaining the benefit of a low carbohydrate, low fat diet.
Among with the nutritional standards imposed by the diet, it also highly recommends the combination between healthy eating habits with physical exercise daily according to every person’s needs and availability. For the ones requiring such a program of loosing weight, The Atkins weight loss diet can in some cases prove to be quite effective and with minimal solicitation from the subject.
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