HERBS Slimming

7 July 2009, 15:20 | Posted under by Tatiana

Herbs for weight loss is particularly relevant, because the herbs are helping not only lose weight, shed excess weight, but also to normalize the metabolism, get rid of waste and toxins. Weight loss in recent years become more and more popular, and there are reasons, among which are – relatively low prices, the reluctance to use pills, a wide range of applications, and the effect if not fast, but really noticeable. We are with you today to talk about the benefits of herbal medicine for weight loss – an interesting and topical theme.
Make sure that with the help of herbs hudeyut absolutely not difficult, just look at a tea or food supplements for weight loss. In addition to herbal medicines you can not see anything different in their composition. Another point is that, as experts note, it is best to use for the treatment of weight loss or those grasses that grow in your region klimate.vashem than any overseas powders. So let’s find out what effect have these or other plants, then feel free to start making food supplements for weight loss.
Main effects of herbs for slimming:
1. Herbs that suppress the feeling of hunger. These grasses form a mucous membrane or film on the walls of the stomach, thereby reducing appetite, or absorbing moisture, they are increasing in volume and fill your stomach, quench the feeling of hunger. This group of plants includes linseed, Althea root, angelica officinal, Spirulina algae, and others. All this can be easily found at local pharmacies or herbalists.
2. Herbs that increase fluid removal from the body, or as they are called – diuretic. Due to the active water from the body appear slag, as well as excess fluid from the fatty deposits. Herbs – bear ears, hvosch Field, cranberries leaves, burdock, and others. Just do not think that it is possible to lose weight, only moving water, because water in our body just is not delayed, and its lack of impact on the state of the body adversely. Therefore, taking diuretic, it is necessary to increase the dose of receiving fluid from the clean water. Contraindicated such plants to people with renal pathology.
3. Herbs that stimulate the production and removal of bile. These include dandelion, barberry, volodushka, immortelle, corn and other columns. These grasses, especially the work normalize liver and gall bladder, which has a positive effect on better digestion products.
4. Herbs, normalize and stimulate digestion, have a laxative effect and contribute to cleaning the bowel of harmful substances. If you sit on a diet to lose weight, it is the very substance that will help you remove excess fat and scum from the body. These herbs like: buckthorn bark, cumin, fennel, anise, zhoster aperient and others.
5. Herbs that increase energy consumption. Thus, they help to burn more calories than usual. Perhaps they, too, is included in the table calorie products, just as negative. This well-known spices – turmeric, rosemary, ginger and others. However, they may increase the appetite, so stay number eat the food.
Collection Slimming To prepare a simple gathering to slimming at home, you need to take one plant of different actions and mix them. Then make the broth: spoon the mixture of 200 grams of water, endure for a couple of minutes and let stand 15-20. Broth bring to a certain volume, diluted with water boiled, and taken to 100 ml 2-3 times daily before meals for two months. Well, if not continuously drink the broth turns out, take it during the diet or when to discharge days.
Lose weight in a way quite quickly and economically not be difficult. But it must be remembered that each of the herbal medicines has its indications and contraindications for use, so before the compilation of an individual collection of slimming always consult with a specialist. The doctor will assess the ability of your body and will recommend a grass that will not cause harm to your health.