Do Diets Work?

8 May 2011, 01:01 | Posted under by Tatiana

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Have you tried to stick to a diet in the past? Maybe you even lost some weight, and you kept it off for a little while. But then, as time passed, you found yourself slipping and gained your weight back. Maybe you even gained back more than you lost in the first place. Instead of becoming trim and healthy, you end up fat and miserable.
It is easy to believe that you are the problem when you fail at dieting. Maybe you believe that you do not have the will power to stay fit and trim. However, more and more experts beleive that there is something wrong with a lot of popular diets. Most diets seem to have severe food restrictions. Some diets restrict the amount of food you can eat every day. Other diets tell you that you can never enjoy certain types of food.
These plans can actually be setting you up to fail. If they restrict certain types of food, you may not be getting enough of certain important nutrients that your body needs and craves. If they restrict your total food intake, you may find yourself tired and hungry because you are not eating enough to feel satisfied. You may not be eating enough food so your body can produce the energy you need. This can cause fatigue. This is no way to lose weight. This only causes you to fail. If you follow some faddish food plan, the diet makes you fat. It is not your fault.
You should balance your diet correctly. You do not always have to decide that any particular type of food is off limits! You probably should eat more of certain types of food than others, but there is probably no one type of food you can never eat. If you eat your meals in the correct proportions, weight loss and improved health should start taking care of themselves. There actually are types of food that can help your own body balance your weight and get more healthy!
This is the idea behind Dr. Fuhrman’s food pyramid. He places raw and cooked vegetables at the bottom. Right above vegetables are fruit and beans. Remember, when you look at a pyramid, the bottom has the largest area.
For example, most Americans do not eat enough produce. We also do not consumer enough fiber. The simple solution is to be sure that we eat more fruit, vegetables, and high fiber beans and lentils. Fruits and vegetables also provide micro-nutrients that you may be craving. Beans and lentils help you consumer enough fiber and protein.
You can still have other sources of protein. You can enjoy low fat dairy, eggs, and lean cuts of meat. You can even enjoy a nice steak, but just try not to eat a steak at every meal! Also, try to choose whole grain bread and cereal.
A great way to improve your diet is to start every meal with some type of salad. Fruit goes great with breakfast. A nice vegetable salad would compliment most lunch and dinner menus. Steaks are not totally off limits. But to reduce the amount of steak you eat, why not try a stir fry?. You could also make fajitas, but just be sure to pile on the peppers and other vegetables too. You can make or buy high fiber, whole grain wraps for your fajitas too.
Once you start eating with the idea that produce should make up the bulk of your meal, you will find that it is easy to control your diet without counting calories, carbohydrates, or fat grams.