Childhood Obesity Information

24 April 2011, 01:01 | Posted under by Tatiana

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Childhood Obesity has reached epidemic proportions around the world. It is no longer confined to the UK, USA, and some European countries. It is now shown around the world that Childhood Obesity has raised from 1 in 5 to 1 in 4. This childhood obesity information is staggering when you consider a small province in Ireland; the North of Ireland has 10,000 obese children. The rise in childhood obesity has been gathering speed at such an alarming rate that if it continues, no health service will be able to cope with the complications of childhood obesity. The childhood obesity information keeps on getting more facts each day on this growing menace of obesity to our society and way of life. One has to throw out the live and let live attitude. This menace of obesity has to be smashed and done very quickly by giving as much as possible childhood obesity information to parents, guardians and children institutes.
Children should have a healthy well balanced food regime that gives them the energy to grow and develop. The more they take in; in energy what ever is not used up is stored as Fat and the children will become overweight or obese. Been obese means you are carrying far too much weight. Obesity is caused by regularly eating fast food, high caloric drinks, it is in plain language eating and drinking more calories then the body needs. These fast foods and processed foods contain so much sugar and fat that if you’re not physically active you will become obese.
Once a child is overweight or obese, they are more likely to develop serious health problems which is not in any way good for the child and that obesity leads to life threatening circumstances such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, sleep apnea, liver disease, early puberty, eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia, asthma and shins infections and most evil of all cancer. Obese children sadly mature to be obese adults. In addition of alarm is the death rate which is on the rise for childhood obesity and adolescence obesity. No parent wants to stand at their son or daughter’s grave when there is a way to avoid this very sad situation. I am an avid fan for breastfeeding. It is one of the best ways to help your child to avoid obesity.
There are many reasons and situations which cause childhood obesity. These include
[1] Eating a diet of too many high fat and sugary foods.
[2] Eating too much and too many times in the High ST fast food chain outlets.
[3] This is the physical inactivity not doing enough exercise.
[4] Spending too much time watching television, on the computer and playing consul games. Becoming the couch potato.
[5] This is as far as my research goes rare inherited obesity.
[6] Your obese so you lead by bad example. You share the same eating habits.
[7] Not been breastfed at birth.
[8] Snacking all the time.
[9] Stress at home or school.
[10] Emotional eating.
[11] Fear of child safety to go and play.
[12] Parents busy schedule.
Possibly you could add more to the list but I am hopeful it rings a bell with parents.
Take a situation which is one I find identity with your visiting a friend with school age children they come home from school very few schools have extra sports and physical instruction available anymore. Back to my story the children arrive home and what takes place an almighty row over what program they are going to watch on television or play on the computer. Answer’s itself.
The childhood obesity information I have laid out for you, I am hopeful you can benefit from it and help your children to lead a healthy lifestyle.
Wishing you all a healthy lifestyle and speak soon.