How To Lose Weight Tips Make A Change To Your Life

17 April 2011, 01:01 | Posted under by Tatiana

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Who don’t like to be slim? I think that very few people who want that, but most people want to lose weight to enjoy their life, move freely and look better. Losing or gaining weight both are slow processes, you don’t gain weight overnight and don’t lose weight overnight as well. So why you start applying the following tips in your life make your goal realistic in terms of time or you will get frusterated very soon.
The following tips help losing weight:
1- Small but continuous actions get better results than aggresive short term actions. This applies to fat reduction, if you tried to cut off all fat from your diet this may lead to the opposite of what you may expect and you will end by gaining weight, but if you reduced 1 tablespoon of fat from your diet dailly you can lose 10 lbs per year provided that all other factors that affect body weight are the same.
2- It is time to stop drinking alcohol. Alcohol not only has bad effect on liver and other organs and you can make an accident or anything bad but also it cantains a lot of calories that can make you gain weight easily. I can advice you to limit alcohol intake but to be honest with you I think you have to stop drinking alcohol at all as if you drink even very little amount every day it will ncrease with time.
3- You may have heard of colon cleansing and how it helps losing weight. Do you know that you can do something simmilar to colon cleansing naturally and you won’t need anything in addition to what you already have. Simply you can clean your intestine by eating fruits before meals. Eating fruits helps losing weight even if it is not before the meal, but why not get double benefit by eating them before meals. Fruits contain good amount of fibers which don’t get digested in the stomach and not absorbed by intestine which make the digested food bulky and not liquid, this helps cleaning the intestine before meals.
4. After few weeks your fitness should be improved and you should start weight training. Weight training is one of the best ways to lose fat. You can do weight training at home and you can use light weight first then by time you can use heavier weights.
Losing weight and keeping it off can be achieved by lifelong plan, it is not just few days of fat losing diet or exercises but you should make a change to all your life style if you want long term results.