Gastric Band Surgery - Advantages For The Patients

29 August 2010, 01:01 | Posted under by Tatiana

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If you are thinking of going for weight loss surgery, then opt for the surgery that poses lower risks. Gastric band surgery is popular amongst the patients for its advantage of having rare risks during and after the surgery.
Gastric band surgery is comparatively safe for the obsess people. The surgeon will wrap a band on the stomach of the patient. The band divides the stomach in tow parts. The strategy is to leave only a smaller portion of the stomach for food intake so that the hunger for more food is no more there for the obese patient. The band can be adjusted depending on the weigh loss target.
Patients can lose 50% of their weight by opting for gastric band surgery. The weight loss procedure does not involve any change in the size of the stomach. Typically, the weight loss continues for next two years with a consistent pace. After the body has accustomed its self to the banding, the pace of weight loss slows down. The specialists suggest the patient a specific diet and an exercise regime to keep a good health.
Under gastric band surgery, the surgeon inserts the band through keyhole surgery. This procedure is less invasive as compared to other techniques of weight loss surgery. Another advantage of the surgery is that the patient recovers in quick time. An average patient spends just one night in hospital. He or she can do daily works in office or home in about two weeks.
The band is used for keeping the size of the stomach smaller. Once the patient has achieved the weight loss target, the surgeon can remove the band so that the stomach comes back to its normal size. The patient can take all types of food during the time the band is around the stomach.
Gastric band surgery is a long-term solution if you want to reduce your weight permanently. However, you should follow the instructions given by your weight loss clinic. The surgeon can alter the band as per the changing requirement of the patients. There are no risks involve for the patients even if the band stays their on the stomach for long-term.
However, you should take services of an experience surgeon for gastric weight loss surgery. You can find the surgeon in your area by searching them on their website. Compare the weight loss clinic for their costs also. You can easily find out the surgery costs within your smaller budget. You should follow a strict diet plan once you have achieved the weight loss target.